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Thanks to the mods for this wonderful idea.

Let's see, this is going to be free association for me:
  • I like romance between the two.  Gen fic is fine, but not my preference.
  • Ron is good as a friend, I don't mind Ron bashing, but I don't want them together.  I prefer not ever, but will live with it being in the past.
  • Sex is good.  BDSM is fine.  Nothing too strange, such as bodily fluids that are not normally exchanged during vanilla sex, please.  Playing with bodily excretions makes me cringe.  Even just the thought of it.  (I'm trying to potty train a 2 1/2 year old.  That is enough poop for anyone).
  • Hurt/comfort is good.  These are broken people. 
  • Happy endings are a must.  Life sucks enough, I want my fic to give me hope for a better day.
  • I would be happier if neither one is dead.
  • Although, saying that, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir was one of my favorite things to watch on tv as reruns as a kid. 
  • If your Snape is happy-go-lucky, he better be drugged.  And then have Hermione try and fix it.  Because that is scary.
  • Really, write YOUR story.  As long as you enjoy it, so will I. 
Many thanks to the mods for organizing the exchange, and many thanks to my gifter, I will be sure and SQUEEE loudly for any results.

OT: The SSHG Quiz

Date: 2011-06-24 03:00 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] morethansirius.livejournal.com
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