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I couldn't resist, and it was fun. 

So, Nicholas has turned 3.  He has decided that this means he should misbehave badly for a while.  I think his birthday and Halloween and his WCC were too close together.  He only needed a flu shot, his other immunizations were up to date, and he luckily hasn't had any for a full year.  I think except for flu, we are good until he turns school age, even in CA which is immunization central. 

That was his main gift, a steel frame pedal car.  He LURVES it.  He has slowly started using the potty at home again to pee, but poopy is just not happening.  I will take Rose's tactic and if we are too close to age 4 with no progress, then he isn't getting a birthday and last year's gift will be taken away (my addition).  The thing is, he uses the potty at school.  So although he's wearing pull-ups there, his friends don't really notice any difference.  He's just making me crazy.  And he will clean himself (or at least help), so making him do that isn't a deterrent. 

Emotionally, I am much better than I have been.  I'm very glad it was a momentary depression, and not one that necessitated me going back to the medication, although I would do it if I had to.

Physically, I caught a cold that may or may not have become a sinus infection, causing a head-splitting pain at a most inopportune moment.  It needs to go away.  Unfortunately, however much Vitamin C I take is not going to help, when I can't rest. 

Yesterday, i did get some rest, but again, head-splitting pain later.  Sigh.

I need to finish my hp_challenge fic.  I have about a chapter to go, mainly to wrap up the loose ends.  Sirius has done as much growing up as he's going to, I think.

I need to write my secret santa story for GE, and I need to write the Bulgarian Big Bang story. 

I also had a reviewer who loved my story Crookshanks' Revenge, and wants either more HG/RL (that is Rabastan, not Remus) or HG/Fabian or Gideon or both, and it piqued my interest.  But the other stories need to be written first.  I also owe Kyria a VK/HG story.  I haven't forgotten.

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